How do we talk about tree trimming? How do we explain what we mean when we want work done on our tree? Trim my tree? Maybe.

Trimming a tree makes sense to most people, but the word trim could mean just a little bit, or a whole lot. Cut my tree? Well that one makes me think you want to cut the whole thing down, and if that isn’t what you mean, we could be in big trouble!!! Prune my trees? Yea, that works too, but in my experience, only arborists usually use that word, prune.

Here’s the point, if you are going to communicate with a tree service, you need to know that when you say things, both of you are on the same page. The image that I have attached is something that we put together many years ago for our commercial customers, and just the other day a customer asked if I could dig up the image and provide it to her for her company.

Tree Trimming Basics

Crown raising is the most common tree trimming. That is just raising up the limbs, so you can see something better or get the limbs out of the way of your house or building. Crown cleaning is when we trim dead limbs to make the tree safer and healthier. Crown thinning is when we make selective cuts to allow more sunlight to the turf below or more air to blow through. Lastly is crown reduction, used to reduce weight from a limb by removing branches from the edge. There are more than 4 ways to trim a tree, but this gets the most basic ones, so at least you can begin a conversation with an arborist on our team. Hope this is helpful!

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