The Urban Foresters is headed down a new road… Residential tree service work is coming!


Friday afternoon in August, hot as hell in Houston, Texas. My team and I, less than a week ago, decided that The Urban Foresters would finally launch a residential tree service business that we were proud of.

Jason, VP of Sales, Ted, Chief Account and Me, Grant Crowell, President of The Urban Foresters have set our eyes on the thousands on Houstonians who get their trees trimmed every year. We’ve tried this once before.

Back in 2011 when I launch the company, we trimmed trees for just about anyone who would talk to us. I’ve learned a lot since then, and we’ve become a very good option for commercial property managers and HOA boards to get theirs trees serviced. What we’ve never really mastered was tree service work for the homeowner. It seemed to us early on that the “pickup truck” guys had such an incredible business model: Knock on the door, tell them that you can do it right now, and get the hell out of there before anyone realizes that they are uninsured and untrained!

Its a pretty sexy business to run, but there’s no scalability (the owner of the company is usually on the truck.) On top of zero scale, there’s no predictability for the homeowner. What if you want them to do the trees next weekend or in 6 weeks. How do you get hold of these guys?

Anyway, what we are setting out to create is the perfect tree service for our perfect customer. We still have LOTS of questions to ask… What is our perfect customer? Who are the we best fit for? What will we NOT do? How are we different? I suspect that these questions will lead us to a new and exciting place, and that the result will be great for the kinds of clients that love what we stand for. In the mean time, God bless you. Peace.